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Nikola Lončarević

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AbakusWeb, based in country of Montenegro, specializes in creating high-quality websites and online stores, offering comprehensive design, maintenance, and web hosting services. We are excited to announce our pivot towards outsourcing resources to USA-based digital marketing agencies. This strategic move allows us to leverage our expertise and deliver exceptional value to a broader market. At AbakusWeb, our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures we meet the evolving needs of our clients locally and internationally.

What Makes Us Different?

Our exceptional quality, comprehensive services, and strategic pivot to partner with USA-based digital marketing agencies set us apart.

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Nikola Lončarević, founder of AbakusWeb

An entrepreneur since selling gaming servers in my school days, I now run an international IT business with clients in USA, Monaco, Switzerland, the UK, Portugal, and my native Montenegro. My core business focuses on WordPress development, server management, and cyber security. I also participated in a successful white-hat hacking operation at the government level which must remain confidential. I believe my skills and experience, combined with my fluency in English, will enable me to make a valuable contribution to an early-stage technology company looking to expand its core team and build a scalable platform serving international markets. The determination I showed in becoming an elite athlete is reflected in my approach to business and has driven me to build an international agency from scratch in two years. My involvement in AbakusWeb can be dialed down if the right opportunity arises.


We aim to put God at the centre of our business activity and to pray for one another as we encounter the day to day challenges of the entrepreneur life.

Moral Support

Only those who have run a business can fully empathise with the ups and downs of the self-employed life. From regulatory challenges to difficult employees, from rising costs to finding new customers, we can lend an ear and offer reassurance and advice.

Practical Support

We all have our skills and experience and our Little Book of Contacts. Chances are, someone in the network will be able to assist with whatever your latest requirement is. Or they will know someone who can.