Welcome to Algarve Business Network

The Algarve’s newest business networking group is here to help anyone who runs a business or is self employed in this beautiful part of Portugal. We are based at the IECA Church in Vale Judeu and meet here each month.

Who we are

Algarve Business Network is a group of mainly Christian business owners and self-employed people who come together to help each other meet the challenges of business life.

Starting and running a business is always challenging, especially in a foreign country. A mutually supportive network of like-minded people is a great way to address those challenges and increase everyone’s chances of sustainable success.

Who We Serve

We’re an international community of people who live in the Algarve while running a business somewhere in the world or being self-employed. We are here for you if you fit any of these categories:

What We Do

We aim to help each other in (at least) three ways:


We aim to put God at the centre of our business activity and to pray for one another as we encounter the day to day challenges of the entrepreneur life.

Moral Support

Only those who have run a business can fully empathise with the ups and downs of the self-employed life. From regulatory challenges to difficult employees, from rising costs to finding new customers, we can lend an ear and offer reassurance and advice.

Practical Support

We all have our skills and experience and our Little Book of Contacts. Chances are, someone in the network will be able to assist with whatever your latest requirement is. Or they will know someone who can.

How We Operate

We meet face to face once a month on a Monday evening in the café of IECA Church in Vale Judeu. In between times, we communicate through a WhatsApp group and by email.

There are no fees to join Algarve Business Network – you just need to be in the Algarve and either run a business somewhere in the world or be self-employed.

Our more experienced members will be willing to provide coaching and mentoring to those who request it and we can also pair up in a Buddying system so you have a go-to person for any issues that arise between meeting.

We may offer Mastermind sessions where we focus on one member business and go deep on the challenges and opportunities they face and how best to address them.

How To Join

Just fill in this form to tell us who you are and what you do.

Then join us for our next meeting at 7:00 pm on Monday Monday 6th May in the café at IECA, Rua da Varzia da Mao, Vale Judeu, 8100-300, Loule


Moral Support

Practical Support